Thursday, July 7, 2011


The first time I met you
I cried as soon as I saw you
Was it because I was happy?
Was it because I was sad?
I don’t even remember
Since I had nothing to give, I just accepted
Even so, at that time I didn’t know how to be thankful
I’ve been living without knowing anything
By just calling your name
why does my heart ache like this?
You’ve given me everything, you can’t give more
To you who are sorry because of that
what should I give?
My mother
Why are tears falling like this?
The most precious person
who is more beautiful than anyone else
You are my,
my mother
Now I know that it was hard for you
You had cried a lot because of me
Why I was like that back then
how many times I had done it
I don’t even remember
Please don’t be so moved by my small gift
You know you have given me the world
I’ll do well
I will do well
Though I can’t remember the first image of yours
Just your last image, I will remember till I die
With all my heart
I love you

Mom by Ra.D

Honestly, when talk about Mothers, this is the best song that illustrates my real feeling about mom. 

Mom, there's no one else than you.
Mom, I love you so much.

Your dearest daughter.